Furniture Instruction Manuals

Leanne Kroll has created numerous manuals for a high-end furniture client that requires technical line drawings to show their customers how to put together various office products such as tables and chairs. The typical instruction manual for product installations requires list of hardware or tools, as well as the parts included in the packaging. The […]

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Home Ec Class Pays Off

Wow, am I glad that I learned to sew in high school Home Ec class!  Although I don’t own a sewing machine, nor have I used one since, it’s funny how we don’t forget the fundamentals.  I remember sewing a stuffed animal in Grade 10 Home Ec class. And years later, it has paid off! […]

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MediCapture Line Drawings

Line drawings for user manuals may not be the most creative illustrations, but they are essential for device users to understand how to put a product together or how to utilize the features of a product. What makes good line drawings stand out as better than others? It’s all in the details. I recently completed […]

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Why hire a Technical Illustrator?

When I receive an initial phone call from a potential client, I find the most valuable information I can provide them is an explanation of my illustration process.  Whether you have worked with an illustrator previously or are looking to hire for the first time, it’s something that should be asked. As a follow up […]

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Security Illustrations

I have recently completed multiple technical illustrations for Smiths Detection, a company that provides cutting-edge technology products to security experts and governments for threat detection.  The illustrations include technology used as security screening devices in prison institutions, such as metal detectors, x-ray machines, etc. A separate sterile room (above) is entered by one individual at […]

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Tech Talk Updated

If you have a moment and would like more information regarding types of technical illustrations, please check out the Tech Talk section which has recently been updated. As a client, knowing some of the lingo that Technical Illustrators use on an everyday basis will allow you to work easier with the Illustrator. Types of illustrations […]

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