eBay recently launched a new webpage through eBay Motors entitled Green Driving that features information about various fuel efficient automobiles as well as a database of vehicles for sale.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with them to illustrate 6 different fuel efficient automotive types: Electric, Hybrid, Diesel, Compressed Natural Gas, High Mile-Per-Gallon Gas Car and Ethanol.

eBay Green Driving Website

The goal was to illustrate the main components of the technology or process of refinery that allowed the automotive/fuel type to stand out from the mainstream internal combustion engine.

Gas Versus Electric Cars

The electric car was best illustrated as a comparison to our standard fuel vehicles to understand the advantages or disadvantages of this new automotive technology.

Hybrid Vehicles

The above hybrid illustration is an information graphic representation of how a hybrid vehicle works.  The three main components – engine, motor and battery work together at different points of acceleration and deceleration.  The illustration provides a glance into which component is active at a certain point of drive time.

Direct Injection Diesel Animation

The direct injection diesel illustration was created as an animation to depict a four-stroke engine comparison between a gas firing cylinder and a diesel injected cylinder.  View this diesel animation here by selecting the “See how diesel cars work” button on the main image.

High MPG Gas Car

The High Mile-Per-Gallon Gas Car depicts the numerous ways to maximize the efficiency of an existing internal combustion engine by altering certain engine features such as cylinder deactivation, turbocharging and direct injection.

Ethanol Production

The above ethanol illustration is a depiction of the standard steps to refining the ethanol – from corn or other organic field materials to ethanol used to power an internal combustion engine.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle

The Compressed Natural Gas illustration I felt was the most challenging to create the look of a compressed tank filled with a gaseous substance, yet it was also the most rewarding.

My personal preference of vehicle choice would be to drive electric.  How could you go wrong?  No fuel, no oil, no upkeep.

Check out the eBay Green Driving website to see which vehicle would best suit your lifestyle. Thanks to Brad for the overall vision of this project!

ESCALATOR ETIQUETTE? – November 17, 2011

We’ve all had those thoughts… things we’d like to say to others, but never do…

My latest promo illustration is my take on escalator etiquette and exploring some of the things we just wish we could say out loud.

This technical illustration also showcases the “features” of an escalator though a phantom view of the working components.

Escalator Etiquette?

Escalator Etiquette?

“What goes up, must come down.”

And in some cases it’s not always the safest or most pleasant ride up or down an escalator.

But, here’s to hoping your escalator experiences are laughable!


For all the Harry Potter fans out there, the latest movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out on Blu-ray and DVD today.  I had the opportunity to design and work on some great pieces for this Warner Brothers release with Matrix Marketing Concepts (all images below © matrix marketing concepts inc. all rights reserved.)

I designed a corrugate castle for the purpose of promoting the year of Harry Potter at an industry retail tradeshow.

Harry Potter Castle 3D Rendering

The following are also some point of purchase displays that I designed that you can find at your local Walmart, Best Buy or Blockbuster.

Harry Potter Comp Rail

Best Buy Banner

Harry Potter Blockbuster Lug Display

Pick up your copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows TODAY!

WOW!  IT’S BUSY… – April 12, 2011

The past few months have seen non-stop workflow and great projects that I have been working on with some exceptional clients!  I will be posting numerous illustrations in the next week or two of some interesting project I have worked on, such as:

  • Designing the layout and look of a new iPad Application.
  • A technical illustration cutaway of an office building featuring various mechanical components.
  • Numerous plumbing illustrations for an illustrated home manual.
  • A molding technology illustration of a MuCell process that shows the steps of how the process works.

In other exciting news:

Beginning in May 2011 I will be working with a Sheridan College, Technical & Scientific Illustration 3rd year co-op student, Angela Yuqi Guo, to teach and mentor her about working freelance in this industry.  I look forward to this opportunity to be a role model, as well as be inspired myself by an up-and-coming Technical Illustrator!


With a simplistic re-design, was just re-launched with updated portfolio pieces.

Website Re-design

I like to re-design ideally, once a year.  This allows me to update the artwork I show on the website, while also forcing me to keep up-to-date with the web developing software programs (ie. flash and dreamweaver).  Not to mention, a large part of the business of Technical Illustration is marketing oneself and a website is the first impression that a potential client has on our skills as an Illustrator.

If you have any comments or questions in regards to this blog, or the new portfolio website at, please feel free to contact Leanne directly via the About section on the website or this blog.

Thank you for taking some time to view the art at!


The latest edition of HOLMES Magazine is now available and I had the opportunity to work with Art Director, Patricia Cavazzini on technical illustrations for the article called “Get Smart”.  This article discusses the new trend of smart home technologies where all electrical devices are connected and controlled by the homeowner from a single source (ie. a remote control or a wall panel device).

Smart Homes 1

The main illustration is a cutaway of a house that showcases the many features you could have that are all linked by the same smart home technology.

The article gives advice to homeowners as to how they can go about creating their own smart home system, as well as the pros and cons of having a wired or wireless internal network.

Wired vs. Wireless

As a Technical Illustrator, it is always interesting to learn about different technologies.  As a new home owner, I believe the smart home concept is a form of home automation I could easily learn to live with!

A big thanks to HOLMES Magazine for also featuring me as a Contributor in this edition.

Featured Contributor


I recently completed the cover illustration for Open Mind Magazine. The technical illustration was based on the main article regarding Public/Private Partnerships or P3 as it is more commonly known in short.

OpenMind Cover Illustration

The article discusses the advantages of Public/Private Partnerships (P3) in the construction and maintenance of schools, roadways, bridges and hospitals.

Working with Art Director, Charles Burke on this project, the P3 became the structure of a construction site with the main elements that are discussed in the article.  I wanted to keep a clean look to the final treatment of the illustration as a reflection of the simplicity of a P3 partnership.


Working with National Geographic School Publishing, I recently completed technical illustrations showcasing a concept called the TransHab which was pursued by NASA.

TransHab attached to ISS

The TransHab was designed as an inflatable living quarters for the astronauts on the International Space Station.  The concept allowed the deflated TransHab to be transported up to the Space Station and then inflated and attached upon arrival.  The above illustration indicates where the TransHab would be located on the International Space Station.

Zoom in of TransHab

This zoom-in illustration shows the multiple layers of different materials that make up the exterior of the TransHab.  These include an external thermal blanket, MOD shielding, a Kevlar restraint layer, redundant bladders and an internal scuff barrier.

The TransHab concept was designed to have four different levels, as shown in the phantom/cutaway view below.

TransHab Levels

The first level (at bottom) has a kitchen and eating area with galley racks and stowage. The second level contains the crew quarters and a mechanical room. The third level has an exercise area, crew health care area and stowage space.  It is the fourth level that is the passageway between the TransHab and the rest of the International Space Station.

In the end, the TransHab concept did not become a reality as development was ceased in 2000.  Since that time, similar concepts such as Genesis I, Genesis II and BA 330 have been produced.


For all the NHL hockey fans out there, just released this month is the Montreal Canadiens Limited Edition 100th Anniversary giftset which I designed collaboratively for Matrix Marketing Concepts (all images below © matrix marketing concepts inc. all rights reserved.)

This unique Limited Edition set includes:

  • special collector wood packaging
  • 4 DVDs and a 5th bonus disc of exclusive 100 year of Montreal Canadiens content
  • frameable collector art
  • collectable piece of authentic game-used item from the 100th season
  • Centennial commemorative pin, and Upper Deck set of Centennial series trading cards.

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for a Montreal Canadiens fan that you know or if you would like a collector’s edition for yourself, visit or look for it in stores!

NEW WEBSITE AT – May 21, 2009

Leanne Kroll has been working hard lately re-designing her website with exciting new projects that she has recently completed.

The website is NOW ONLINE and completely re-vamped, featuring recent new artwork.

Please take some time to browse her indepth portfolio at!

New Splash Page

If you have any comments or questions in regards to this blog, or the new portfolio website at, please feel free to contact Leanne directly via the About section on the website or this blog.

Thank you for taking some time to view the art at!

Leanne is currently available for freelance projects.


Although I have been quite busy with freelance technical illustrations lately, I have just completed a personal project more in the interpretive/abstract range.  Check out the Current Projects page for more information on my February Sentiments project.  I have challenged myself to step outside of my comfort level with detailed technical illustrations and pushed myself in a whole new direction!


As it begins to get busier this Christmas season, it is always great to take some time out and enjoy the festive celebrations. As an Illustrator, it is always fun to be able to create your own Christmas card to send to clients, family and friends.

This year, I have decided to illustrate an image that is fully vector-based, which forces one to think differently about the shapes that you are working with.

Originally, I was thinking of illustrating something technical that reflects who I am as an Illustrator. In the end, I have designed something that speaks of who I am as a person.

2008 Christmas Card Design
2008 Christmas Card Design

Believe it or not, I love snow and I wanted that to be represented in my card. I used various Illustrator brushes to create the affect of a snowfall. The circular shapes that make up the tree represent the various communities of individuals that surround me and support me on a daily basis. I used simple gradients to render the elements of the tree and the bright colors make it come to life.

I had fun creating this illustration as I do with every project that I undertake and that is very important to me. Sometimes it isn’t about the final illustration that you produce as an Illustrator, but the process you go through to create an illustration that contains the most meaning.

Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours this season!


I have recently completed a technical illustration for depicting the basic differences between plug-in hybrid vehicles versus standard hybrid vehicles. Illustration Illustration

The purpose of this illustration was to assist consumers in their understanding of how the new technology of plug-in vehicles functions. An overall comparison was depicted between plug-in hybrids and standard hybrids, which on the website is differentiated with a roll-over application of the mouse. If you would like to learn more about this new vehicle technology, please visit the website.


I have recently updated the website, Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustrator with recent additional technical work that I have completed. Please take some time to check it out and email with any comments or feedback.

If you are in need of technical illustrations or any other services which I provide, the Contact page will directly link you to my email.

I have also recently completed a new promotional postcard mailer.

Front of Postcard
Front of Postcard
Back of Postcard
Back of Postcard

If you would like to receive your own copy of the promo for future reference, please feel free to email me at with your contact information or add a comment to this post.


An overwhelming amount of artwork is currently on display by AWOL Gallery at the Square Foot 2008 show. The opening reception was held last night and it was worth slowly viewing all the pieces. Over 500 artists, myself included where depicted at this collective group opening.

The name of the show, Square Foot, is symbolic because every piece must adhere to a square foot size of 12″ x 12″.

If you have some time to check out this amazing show, the location is 100A Ossington Avenue, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON (one block north of Queen Street W.)

The show runs from August 16 (opening reception) to September 7 and weekly the hours the gallery is open Thursdays to Saturdays between 12 Noon and 6pm; and Sundays between 1pm and 5pm.

My two pieces in the show reside in grid numbers A141 and C111.

All pieces at the show are being sold for $200 each, so if you find something you like it is a great deal!


From the VW Engine that I recently finished painting, I have created three pieces to be put into the Square Foot Show which runs from August 16, 2008 to September 7, 2008.

Square Foot Invite Front
Square Foot Invite Front
Square Foot Invite Back
Square Foot Invite Back

All pieces for this show must be 12″ x 12″ or one square foot. As a major group exhibit, there are 700 artists exhibiting at the 2008 Square Foot Show.

As a sneak peak to the show, the following are the three pieces which I have selected to be in the show.

Illustration 1 for Square Foot
Illustration 1 for Square Foot
Illustration 2 for Square Foot
Illustration 2 for Square Foot
Illustration 3 for Square Foot
Illustration 3 for Square Foot

Opening reception for the show is August 16, 2008 beginning at 6pm at 100A Ossington, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario. All other day of the show from August 16 – September 7, gallery hours are Thursday to Saturday, 12 Noon to 6pm or Sunday 1pm to 5pm.


In April, 2008 it was announced that Kodak would be sponsoring the 2008 Sheridan Graduate Show titled “The Language of Illustration”. In conjunction with the very generous sponsorship, Kodak was printing and distributing artwork in the form of posters at various shows worldwide. The first show is in Dusseldorf, Germany at Drupa 2008. At this show in particular, Kodak will be printing the posters on various technologies to display print quality to clients that would potentially buy the equipment.

Recently I found a great article promoting the Kodak booth at the Drupa show which may be of interest to some. I personally have the following illustration which was selected for promotion at this show.

Leanne Kroll Kodak Poster

Please take some time to read the article promoting the Kodak booth as an exhibitor at Drupa 2008 in Dusseldorf, Germany.


I am honoured to have been able to sit down with Charlene Chua of Illustrophile for a personal interview on why it is that I love technical illustration. She found my desire to illustrate automotive, detailed subject matter interesting considering that I am a female.

Illustrophile Interview

The questions she asks, I feel pushed my own personal vision of where I would like to head in the future and allowed me to reflect on my accomplishments to date.

Some of my current illustrations are posted along with the interview, however if you would like to view a full portfolio please visit my website.

This interview is now posted, so check it out!


The 2008 Sheridan Illustration Graduate Show has now ended, but the website has since been updated! Check out Sheridan Headlines to see the new changes.

Headlines Website

Recently added is the section titled 2008 Graduate Work. Through the theme of rebuses for the show, rebuses that each student illustrated create the thumbnails for the artwork. All of my fellow students are featured on this website with a link to personal websites of each illustrator.

Please take some time to check out the talented individuals who have now become professional illustrators!


A big thank you to Charlene Chua, a fellow Illustrator from Toronto for featuring me on Illustrophile

Illustrophile Feature

Charlene attended the Sheridan Grad Show and decided to feature me on her blog that is dedicated to lovers of illustration and commercial art. It is great to get recognition from a fellow illustrator!

Charlene has now asked if she could interview me on how it is that I love technical illustration. Being a female, she finds it interesting that I am well-versed at illustrating automobiles, and other “manly” subjects.

Stay tuned to find out when the interview will be posted on Illustrophile.

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