Peaking into a Cutaway Illustration

This summer seemed to be the summer of cutaway illustrations!  Yes, it might sound a little drab, but to someone who loves technical details, this latest project had it all.  The four cutaway illustrations featured product inside of a residential house, a hospital, an office building and a school. This house showcased 26 items in […]

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Home Ec Class Pays Off

Wow, am I glad that I learned to sew in high school Home Ec class!  Although I don’t own a sewing machine, nor have I used one since, it’s funny how we don’t forget the fundamentals.  I remember sewing a stuffed animal in Grade 10 Home Ec class. And years later, it has paid off! […]

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Vehicle-Grid Integration Infographic

Working with Recargo, a software and services company that provides guidance to drivers and those in the industry of plug-in car technology, I designed an infographic that depicts the savings possibilities of vehicle-grid integration (VGI). Imagine a world where you drive your electric vehicle home each day and plug it in.  The power to charge […]

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Bring on Spring!

Two questions I’ve been wondering lately are: When is Spring going to finally start? What information are drones really tracking and could they deliver packages in the future? With these two thoughts, I’ve created a new illustration on how to use drones to bring on Spring! If only it were that simple! To have our […]

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Underground Pipe Cleaning Illustration

I recently had the pleasure to work on this challenging illustration featuring complex processes in underground pipeline cleaning.  To create an illustration such as this with only a final static visual is a challenge to even the best Technical Illustrators. Showing the complex details while keeping the overall illustration showing a simple flow is what […]

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Why hire a Technical Illustrator?

When I receive an initial phone call from a potential client, I find the most valuable information I can provide them is an explanation of my illustration process.  Whether you have worked with an illustrator previously or are looking to hire for the first time, it’s something that should be asked. As a follow up […]

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