Leanne Kroll is a Technical Illustrator with a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Arts in Illustration (Honours) from Sheridan College.

Leanne has worked with such clients as National Geographic School Publishers, eBay, Holmes Magazine, Venture Publishing, Up Here Magazine and Carson Dunlop, to name a few.  She has illustration experience with various subject matters including automotive, industrial, architecture, product illustration, package design, point of purchase displays, conceptual sketches, 3D modeling and detailed rendering.

She has technical illustration experience with isometrics, obliques, perspectives, plan rotation, exploded views, cutaways, phantom views and the ability to render materials (ie. brick, wood, etc.) Leanne is experienced in page layout, logo design, concept design, typographical elements and working in a team environment.

To learn more about Leanne’s technical illustration process, please enjoy the following presentation:

What are Leanne’s clients saying?

“We are extremely pleased with the illustrations that Leanne Kroll created for our user guides. She delivered them on-time and within budget and was a pleasure to work with. She completed the review cycles promptly and was very responsive to our feedback. The illustrations are of the highest quality and have helped us provide clear technical guidance to our customers while projecting a top-flight, professional image.”

– Doug Taylor, V.P. Marketing, MediCapture Inc.

To view a complete portfolio of Leanne’s work, please link to her online portfolio on her website. To contact Leanne directly, please send an email to leanne@leannekroll.com.

All images on this blog are copyright of Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustrator, 2014.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mrs. Kroll,

    I love your work. Your illustrations are a perfect balance of technical and artistic. Honestly, technical illustration is what I would really love to do. I didn’t even realize the proper term, until stumbling across your blog. Live and learn.

    Best regards,
    Jeremy Wright

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