Flagpole Technical Illustrations

Ever wonder how complex a flagpole can be? Turns out fairly complicated when you have various different types of elements that you can purchase to add to your pole and various ways that they can function depending upon the total height and taking into account climate and outdoor elements such as wind.

We had the pleasure of working on a product manual for a flagpole company that included creating graphics to represent their products in the manual.

A flagpole cutaway illustration showing the inside of a ball and truck combo at the top. The technical illustration shows the halyard or rope going around the wheel.

Some illustrations included cutaway views to feature how the halyard wrapped around the inside.

A flagpole cutaway illustration with a view into the top hat and how the halyard winds inside. The finial ball is a decorative element placed on top.
External truck style of flagpole used for raising and lower the flag.

Orthographic side views depicted the mechanisms on how the flagpole works, such as the hinged base style or the angled mounts.

Various mounting base types for the bottom of a flagpole.
A flagpole base on a building that has an angled mount.

In total, approximately 35 illustrations were completed for the product manual, including assembly illustrations that showed how the flag hangs with the halyard for the various types of flagpoles.

It was a pleasure working with Marc on this project and the team in Dubai.

View more technical illustrations at www.leannekroll.com.

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