RxFulcrum: Promotional Video

RxFulcrum approached Leanne Kroll with the challenge of visually simplifying their software solution to potential investors. The message needed to be clear and concise within a short timeframe to catch their attention through video content. The story required a jump between talent speaking and moving screenshots of the software integrated throughout.


Characters were created to represent the main users of the pharmaceutical software website. These characters were used to help tell the story and bring the brand some personality in conjunction with filmed talent. The characters could integrate screenshots of the product into the story that they were visually depicting. Leanne Kroll coordinated with a third party video solutions company who animated the content, filmed the talent and manipulated footage for the final product.


Client Testemonial:

“I love that I can approach Leanne with multiple project types and that she has the talent and capacity to visually create a professional, unique look for each one. Her cross-channel skills are an asset to a start-up company like myself that wants a ‘one stop shop’. She delivers each and every project efficiently on time and with minimal back and forth. She is great to work with!”
– Jeff Chemeres, RxFulcrum www.rxfulcrum.com

View more animations at www.leannekroll.com.

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