Accident Scene Line Drawings

A paramedical college tasked us with completing over 20 illustrations for a student pocket-sized handbook that featured illustrations of a various accident scenes, images of paramedics working with patients and specific career terminology. The process for completing these illustrations began with the client providing numerous reference images of what they would require for each drawing. The details needed to be accurate to real-life scenes and specific enough to provide information to the students.

A paramedic treating a patient in a hyperbaric chamber.


A technical line drawing showing the steps of a motorcycle lay down accident.


A vehicle roll over accident scene technical line drawing showing the step of vehicle rotation.


A technical line drawing of a rotational impact of two vehicles at an accident scene.


Two paramedics moving a patient in an emergency room of a hospital.


Initially all the drawings went through a basic first phase, where vehicles were simple shapes to allow the client to approve the placement and orientation of the vehicles in an accident scene. Once those initial illustrations were approved, the line drawing progressed to show specific items such as vehicle damage, debris on the road and skid marks.

On the client’s end, there were numerous teachers and subject matter experts that were review all the illustrations in the various phases. Flowing this feedback through one main contact allowed for a simpler process with the team. It was a pleasure working with Nick and seeing the concept of all the drawings come to life.

View more technical illustration line drawings at

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