RxFulcrum: Start-up Branding & Design

RxFulcrum is a pharmaceutical start-up company. It provides software to connect scientists discovering potential new drugs to the right contract research organizations and consultants. The ensure the right data is shared faster and easier, and eliminating costly mistakes that cripple the progress of drug development.

RxFulcrum retained Leanne Kroll for graphic design services initially and has since branched out to utilize illustration services as well. Design projects have included:


  • Brand identity including logo design and business cards
  • http://www.rxfulcrum.com initial design layout
  • Print brochures
  • Tradeshow graphics
  • PowerPoint presentation designs
A logo design and branding for a business card for a new start-up pharmaceutical business.

The design of the RxFulcrum logo includes a line to represent the fulcrum and level of balance that the company provides with 2 parties working together in unison. The beaker included is a nod to the pharmaceutical sector that the company is in.

A website landing page design concept layout for RxFulcrum, a start-up pharmaceutical company.

The website landing page was designed to include an initial login for 2 different parties to the website. The simple design allowed for clear visuals and easy orientation for website users.

Jeff has been a great client to work with and we look forward to working with him on exciting future projects!

View more graphic design work at www.leannekroll.com.

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