Ecobee Digital Thermostat

Creating a user manual that is simple and straight forward sometimes can be a challenge when there are different “paths” that your consumer can take to get the product installed. This latest technical illustration project for the installation of a digital thermostat included options for various wiring setups within a home.

This client approached us with an already existing and outdated manual that required us to follow the same drawing style and perspectives throughout to retain consistency across all the visuals in the user manual.

Various illustrations throughout the user manual required us to show correct and incorrect ways of installing the items or how to check whether something was working or not. Clearly defining the correct versus incorrect scenario accurately was key for explaining the steps to the consumer.

Wiring connections for this type of product were a large group of the illustrations that required specific details to be clear and accurate. The use of colour to highlight details throughout was what simplified and made the directions clear to the user.
Thanks to the team at ecobee for the great work on this project!

View more instruction manuals at



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