Furniture Instruction Manuals

Leanne Kroll has created numerous manuals for a high-end furniture client that requires technical line drawings to show their customers how to put together various office products such as tables and chairs.

The typical instruction manual for product installations requires list of hardware or tools, as well as the parts included in the packaging. The client provides a list of the steps of how to put their product together which typically comes with a series of reference images that they have taken.

table installation instruction manual and parts list

Isometric drawings are the most ideal for these technical instruction manuals since parts can be re-used from one drawing to the next, providing the most efficient way to work and show parts consistently for the consumer. When parts are very small in the main illustration, we utilize zoom-in circles to showcase what the consumer should specifically be doing in that step.

table assembly and electrical connections for instruction manual

The goal with technical illustrations for how-to instruction manuals is to have the visuals be the only item required so a customer understands how to put together the product. Ideally the text (if required) is an added benefit, but the illustrations should work efficiently to assist in the assembly of the item.

instruction manual on how to install wiring for a boardroom tabl

The visuals above are excerpts from various installation manuals created for tables that require electrical connections.

To view more instruction manuals that Leanne Kroll has completed, please visit


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