Tractor Trailer Cutaway Illustration

The Humane Society of America approached us to create an illustration for a feature article in their publication. They wanted to show their subscribers how their mobile tractor trailer for animal care was set up and how as pet owners if they were ever in need of veterinarian services they could use this great feature.

Tractor trailer cutaway of Humane Society vehicle

We chose to create a cutaway illustration of the main tractor trailer area as that housed quite a few interesting details such as a waiting room, vets quarters, a meeting area, and pet kennels for safe travel. We highlighted some items in the illustration that brought more attention to what was going on inside due to the scale of the truck requiring more of a zoomed-out perspective. We populated the surrounding image with patrons, pet owners, employees and volunteers.

The process for this technical illustration required vehicle reference from the Humane Society, as well as reference on animal breeds, clothing details, and internal kennel setup in order to replicate the actual mobile unit.

It was a pleasure working with the Humane Society of America on this illustration.


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