If your basement protected?

The snow has melted in southern Ontario the last couple of days thanks to the great deal of rain we’ve received. Do you sometimes wonder how a contractor is able to protect your house’s foundation from water?  Or what happens when there’s a leak in your basement – why there was no protection?  Maybe you’re missing DMX 5M Drainage Membrane.

I recently had the pleasure of working with DMX Plastics, a company that specializes in ground water control products.  The featured product that I illustrated was a drainage membrane that is placed against a concrete foundation and allows for proper flow away from the foundation.

DMX_M5 Drainage Membrane_Concrete Wall
M5 Drainage Membrane on a Concrete Wall

The challenge with this technical illustration was creating a visual that gave an overview that set the scene for the product, as well as showcasing the features of the product.  We achieved this through a zoom-in section on the illustration that showed details of the various layers.

DMX_M5 Drainage Membrane_Zoom-in
DMX 5M Zoom-in Feature

It was a pleasure working with Steve and Paula on this illustration!


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