National Geographic Illustrations

Earlier in the year I completed multiple spot illustrations for a new textbook for National Geographic Learning – Reach for Reading.
The first set of illustrations depict the creation of fog in the environment, very similar to the water cycle illustrations we’ve all seen in our elementary school textbooks.  The major difference with fog is that water rises into the air as a vapor and as it quickly cools, so fog forms near the ground.
National Geographic - Fog Cycle
Fog/Water Cycle

The above illustration represents how fog is created in geographic locations such as Peru, which is covered in fog half of the year.

In Peru, scientists designed a concept to gather the fog and use it to produce water for the villagers.  They built special nets through which the fog would travel and capture tiny water droplets that would combine and drip into a gutter.  The water was then designed to flow through pipes into tanks. What an amazing design solution!

National Geographic - Making Water from Fog
Making Water From Fog

It was great working on these illustrations and creating realistic looking fog and desert scenes. Thanks so much to Jen & Hope for making the illustration process so easy and effective!


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