Tractor Trailer Phantom Illustration

One of my latest automotive illustrations is a tractor trailer that was created for the Union of Concerned Scientists. They are a leading science-based organization in the United States that work towards a healthy and safe environment.

This latest project was to illustrate a tractor trailer that features multiple elements that would allow future long-haul trucks to be more fuel efficient.

UCS Tractor Trailer
USC Tractor Trailer

The UCS Convoy contains features such as a rear drag device, gap seal and side fairing which make the vehicle more aerodynamic and allow the potential for fuel savings and cleaner air.

UCS Tractor Phantom
UCS Tractor Phantom

The phantom view of the illustration reveals the improved engine and transmission as well as a battery, which allows the potential for hybridization and idling reduction.

It was interesting to learn more about the long-haul vehicle features and a pleasure to work with Don Anair of the Clean Vehicles Program on these illustrations.


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