Security Illustrations

I have recently completed multiple technical illustrations for Smiths Detection, a company that provides cutting-edge technology products to security experts and governments for threat detection.  The illustrations include technology used as security screening devices in prison institutions, such as metal detectors, x-ray machines, etc.

Smiths Sterile Room
Sterile Security Room

A separate sterile room (above) is entered by one individual at a time and they are not allowed clearance from the room until a guard allows it.

Smiths NonSterile
Smiths Screening Technology

Multiple screening devices are utilized to guarantee that no weapons, contraband or other devices are transported into the institution illegally.

Working with Smiths, they required multiple versions of the sterile and non-sterile illustrations, swapping out various technologies for each.  I utilized an isometric viewpoint in order to save my client time and money in the production of these pieces.


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