HOLMES Magazine Illustrations

The latest edition of HOLMES Magazine is now available and I had the opportunity to work with Art Director, Patricia Cavazzini on technical illustrations for the article called “Get Smart”.  This article discusses the new trend of smart home technologies where all electrical devices are connected and controlled by the homeowner from a single source (ie. a remote control or a wall panel device).

Smart Homes 1

The main illustration is a cutaway of a house that showcases the many features you could have that are all linked by the same smart home technology.

The article gives advice to homeowners as to how they can go about creating their own smart home system, as well as the pros and cons of having a wired or wireless internal network.

Wired vs. Wireless

As a Technical Illustrator, it is always interesting to learn about different technologies.  As a new home owner, I believe the smart home concept is a form of home automation I could easily learn to live with!

A big thanks to HOLMES Magazine for also featuring me as a Contributor in this edition.

Featured Contributor


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