AbioCor Replacement Heart

Recently I had a chance to attend the Body Worlds exhibit that was held at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.  The exhibit was only open to artists for an evening of drawing the anatomical specimens on  display.  This exhibit looked in detail at the story of the heart and how it is one of the major organs in the body.

One of the pieces on display was a replacement heart, developed to transplant into humans as a self-sustaining unit that works with all other existing organs.  Based on a sketch I began that evening, I have completed this technical illustration on the AbioCor replacement heart.

AbioCor Heart
AbioCor Heart

In addition to the replacement heart, other implanted components include:

  • an implanted TET
  • an implanted controller
  • an implanted battery; and
  • an implanted cable

The AbioCor system also has external components that provide power to the internal components above.  All of these items are placed within the chest and abdomen.

The AbioCor heart was successfully implanted in 2001, making medical history.  It is an amazing feat in technology!

It is through this exhibit, that I now look at the cardiovascular system is a whole new light!


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