Map of Parking Tickets in Toronto

As a Technical Illustrator, one style of illustration that I work on is called Information Graphics.  Typically, these include anything such as graphs, charts and maps.  They are utilized to visually assist complex literature and allow a reader to decipher through the use of visuals, a better understanding of a subject.

The Toronto Star, a local major newspaper where I reside, has a Map of the Week feature where they research certain items and post them into a map.  Last week’s Map of the Week feature was on parking tickets issued in the City of Toronto in 2008 and they indicated only areas where 1,000 or more tickets were issued.  As a trend, they realized that the top 10 locations with the most parking tickets were usually near large institutions such as hospitals or universities and colleges.

I was rather fascinated with all of the research and information as they had documented it, but I felt that the map could have been pushed in a more visually interesting direction.  So, I have interpreted my version of the parking ticket map of the week, focusing on locations in the downtown core of Toronto.

Map of Downtown Toronto Parking Tickets in 2008

Rather than focusing on documenting the exact address location of the infractions, I used a colour coded system to represent the quantity of tickets issued with the use of symbols that represent stacked parking tickets.  This allows the viewer to visually recognize a larger quantity versus a smaller quantity of tickets.

Zoomed in View of Southeast Corner

On the first level of viewing the map, one gets an overall idea of how many parking tickets overall were written in downtown Toronto in one year.  If the viewer wants to delve deeper, as they zoom into the map, street locations, as well as exact quantities in each location is revealed.


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