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Recently, I have completed three new technical illustrations for which are live for viewing.

The illustrations include various technologies depicting how hybrids work; the differences between combustion in the cylinder of a standard vehicle engine and that of a diesel engine; and how stop-start engine hybrids work.

The purpose of the hybrid illustration was to assist consumers in their understanding of how the technology works at various stages of driving. Understanding when various components are in use gives a better understanding of how a hybrid vehicle works.

Hybrid Illustration
Hybrid Illustration

Similar to the hybrid illustration, the technical illustration showing stop-start technology also was designed to show the technology at use in various stages of driving. Through the simple use of arrows, this information is depicted.

Stop-Start Technology
Stop-Start Technology

Different than the hybrid and start-stop technical illustrations, the illustration regarding diesel technology required a more “zoomed in” view of how the engine in particular works.

Diesel Illustration
Diesel Illustration

This illustration focuses mainly on the piston at work within the cylinder of an engine and the results when combustion happens.

If you would like to learn more about these vehicle technologies, the website is an up-to-date website with vast amounts of information on these and other vehicle types.


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