Tis the Season

As it begins to get busier this Christmas season, it is always great to take some time out and enjoy the festive celebrations.  As an Illustrator, it is always fun to be able to create your own Christmas card to send to clients, family and friends.

This year, I have decided to illustrate an image that is fully vector-based, which forces one to think differently about the shapes that you are working with.

Originally, I was thinking of illustrating something technical that reflects who I am as an Illustrator.  In the end, I have designed something that speaks of who I am as a person.

2008 Christmas Card Design
2008 Christmas Card Design

Believe it or not, I love snow and I wanted that to be represented in my card.  I used various Illustrator brushes to create the affect of a snowfall. The circular shapes that make up the tree represent the various communities of individuals that surround me and support me on a daily basis.  I used simple gradients to render the elements of the tree and the bright colors make it come to life.

I had fun creating this illustration as I do with every project that I undertake and that is very important to me.  Sometimes it isn’t about the final illustration that you produce as an Illustrator, but the process you go through to create an illustration that contains the most meaning.

Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours this season!


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