Info Graphic Illustrations

I was inspired a couple of months ago by an article I read in Wired Magazine.  The article debated the opposing side of environmental issues which have begun to consume society lately.  In it, there are 10 points which are debated and they all contained some type of statistical information.  There were no illustrations accompanying this article.

For my current project, I will be going through all ten debated topics and illustrating them in some form.  With so many statistics involved in this information, an information graphic style would suit the context the best.  In the next couple of weeks I will be posting the results of each section, as well as the paragraph from the magazine.

To begin, I mark up words from each article and decide what would hold visual reference.  From there, sketches are carried out until an idea surfaces that will depict the article as I feel conveys it best.  As a summary, the debated topics I will be illustrating include:


LIVE in cities
LIVE in cities

The phrase that stood out the most from this article was “3.5 million ‘extreme commuters’ who spend more than three hours a day in transit…”

LIVE in cities Illustration
LIVE in cities Illustration

I chose to illustrate this phrase by creating an icon of a vehicle and depicting the masses of traffic to an extreme.  It is almost overwhelming to the eyes.  However, it allowed a simple question to form at the centre asking Why Commute?  The image of why commute at the centre is a reflection of all the other vehicles moving towards a common centre.


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