VW Engine Painting Process

Leanne Kroll has two weeks to get this major technical illustration painting done for a gallery exhibit that she is in and time is of the essence.


I am traditionally painting this VW Engine in vibrant colours. I will be posting my process throughout the two weeks for you to see how I move on this project. Previously I posted the digital linework that I had drawn of the engine. My second major step was to take a print out of the digital linework and create a transfer with a matte medium that would allow me to use my digital linework as the basis to my painting. Thus, I would be able to maintain a tight technical detail with a loose painting style.

VW Painting Process 1
VW Painting Process 1

A task such as painting something so detailed could be a major challenge to the typical viewer. However, I like to tackle each element separately from the beginning so the task doesn’t seem so daunting. I complete each element separately, then move onto the next. In the end, I will paint the overall highlights and shadows that will bring the whole piece together.

The following is the next step in my painting process. I worked on this next phase over a couple of days, two or three hours here and there.

VW Painting Process 2
VW Painting Process 2

I spent quite a few hours in one day painting the next stages. My plan now is to do a little bit more tonight, then hopefully one last day and the main colour portion will be complete.

VW Painting Process 3
VW Painting Process 3

When I am done painting all the main pieces, I plan on bringing in my highlights and shadows with a wash-style technique. Right now each piece is 3-dimensional unto itself, but to bring out more overall contrast, highlights and shadows in relation to all pieces must be attained.

VW Painting Process 4
VW Painting Process 4

Once all painting is complete, I will scan the large piece and utilize my original linework as I place it on top of the painting to hold all of the elements together.

VW Painting Process 5
VW Painting Process 5

Please check back in the next couple of days to see the final version of the traditional painting prior to any digital linework being added. Any comments as I progress on this project are greatly welcomed.


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