Introducing the new

It’s about that time! We have been successfully working with clients for over 10 years now and it’s about time that we expand our services to include technical illustration and graphic design services. Introducing Leanne Kroll Technical Illustration & Graphic Design Studio. We strive for details drawn and designed perfectly. Please stop on by our […]

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Flagpole Technical Illustrations

Ever wonder how complex a flagpole can be? Turns out fairly complicated when you have various different types of elements that you can purchase to add to your pole and various ways that they can function depending upon the total height and taking into account climate and outdoor elements such as wind. We had the […]

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Foundation Wrap Animation

DMX Plastics required an animation that demonstrated how their residential DMX AG foundation wrap allowed moisture to roll down their product and away from a home’s foundation. This animation showcases the product and it’s features that allow it to standout as the ideal product to use for moisture control.  The video includes how the product […]

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Accident Scene Line Drawings

A paramedical college tasked us with completing over 20 illustrations for a student pocket-sized handbook that featured illustrations of a various accident scenes, images of paramedics working with patients and specific career terminology. The process for completing these illustrations began with the client providing numerous reference images of what they would require for each drawing. […]

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RxFulcrum: Start-up Branding & Design

RxFulcrum is a pharmaceutical start-up company. It provides software to connect scientists discovering potential new drugs to the right contract research organizations and consultants. The ensure the right data is shared faster and easier, and eliminating costly mistakes that cripple the progress of drug development. RxFulcrum retained Leanne Kroll for graphic design services initially and […]

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Amsoil Filter User Manuals

Amsoil required new technical illustrations for their existing user manual for the Bypass filter product. They were able to ship the product to us and we were able to draw details exactly as they required them to be. This allowed the execution of the work to be a smooth process with minimal room for error […]

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Ecobee Digital Thermostat

Creating a user manual that is simple and straight forward sometimes can be a challenge when there are different “paths” that your consumer can take to get the product installed. This latest technical illustration project for the installation of a digital thermostat included options for various wiring setups within a home. This client approached us […]

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Flooring Product Animation

DMX Plastics, a long standing client that typically requires technical illustrations of their products decided to migrate into utilizing animations to show the installation steps for the flooring product that is sold in retail stores. We created the product and all hardware that would typically be drawn in an installation manual as 3D components that […]

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